Ballistic Anatomic Trajectory  v.2. 7. 2000

'Ballistic Anatomic Trajectory' is a software dedicated to ballistic experts and police labs. Very easy to use, it will give you different trajectory angles in direction and elevation.

ExB Trajectory Model  v.1.0

Magnetic field analysis made easy. ExB Trajectory model simulates the motion of a charged particle in uniform electric and magnetic fields. The model is incomplete and users need to complete the equations of motion using the Lorentz force law.


Trajectory Plot  v.1.0

An exterior ballistics program. Includes ballistics coefficients for over 700 bullets. Find out how to sight in your gun on the range to hit your game under different conditions in the field.


In this game you need to use darts to shoot balloons. You need to calculate the trajectory of the darts in order to destroy as many balloons as possible. You will gain extra bonus if you destroyed all the balloons and with darts left. Use the mouse the

VisualProjet  v.

Become user of VisualProjet, and discover a powerfull software, easy to use and already adopted by many companies ! (electronics, software, special machines, construction, architects, consulting, services, development...

TrajectoWare Drive  v.1.0.1

TrajectoWare Drive is a golf ball trajectory program. It takes the initial conditions a golfer applies to the ball, and plots the flight of the ball. TrajectoWare Drive is a unique combination of high accuracy and an advanced user interface.

Landing Pattern  v.1.4.1021

Landing Pattern allows you to fly a simulated ram-air parachute in different wind conditions. It employs state of the art aerodynamic simulation. Parachute behaves realistically, based on your inputs and current weather conditions.

ALOFT-FT  v.3 10

ALOFT-FTTM (A Large Outdoor Fire plume Trajectory model - Flat Terrain) is a computer based model to predict the downwind distribution of smoke particulate and combustion products from large outdoor fires.

Particle Worldline Model  v.1.0

Study black holes with the help of this simulation. Particle Worldline model computes and displays the trajectory of a test particle in the vicinity of a black hole using Schwarzschild coordinates.

Anisotropic Oscillator Model  v.1.0

Mass dynamics simulation. Anisotropic Oscillator model displays the dynamics of a mass connected to two opposing springs. The simulation displays the motion of the mass as well as the trajectory plot.

Einstein Cannon Model  v.1.0

Study Black Holes with this simulation. Einstein Cannon model computes and displays the trajectory of cannonballs (particles) shot from a cannon in the vicinity of a black hole.

Sensitivity to Initial Conditions  v.1.0

Study kinetics and dynamics with this application. STP Sensitivity to Initial Conditions software shows 11 particles in a line with the same velocity. You can perturb the system slightly and observe how sensitive the trajectory is to a small change.

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